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PS Presets

Editorial Preset Collection by P.S.

Editorial Preset Collection by P.S.

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Another prime collaboration between Phil Chester and Sara K Byrne, working to create a diverse preset collection that marries the styles of these two photographers. Presets worthy of your portfolio work. The Editorial Pack of presets enhances images without over-processing them. A spectrum of undertones gives unique style choices while retaining flattering skin tones. This versatile pack will elevate your professional images.

  • EP/01
  • EP/01 COLD
  • EP/02
  • EP/02 SOFT
  • EP/03
  • EP/03 SOFT
  • EP/03 SOFT +
  • EP/03 WASHY
  • EP/04
  • EP/05
  • EP/05 DREAMY
  • EP/06
  • EP/07
  • EP08

To see more examples of these presets in actions, visit the Editorial Collection page here.

*These presets also work with Lightroom mobile and come with the DNGs to use directly on your phone.


PS Presets are photo editing tools specifically designed to work with Lightroom and Photoshop. These come in a digital download form after purchase.


We suggest updating your lightroom and Photoshop to the latest versions. These work with Lightroom 7.3 and newer. If you have an older version of lightroom please reach out directly to get compatable files. For lightroom mobile a DNG option has been included.

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